Native PHP Apps (1/∞)

This is part one of a series where I'll be exploring the NativePHP framework.

Since all things begin with an introduction, let's have a chat.

What is NativePHP?

If you've ever needed a way to build desktop apps, you may find that you often need to serve a backend and link it up with an Electron.js app. However, with NativePHP, you can build your functionalities using PHP. In other words, you can build your Electron desktop application using PHP.

As we speak, much work has already been done on the framework, but it is heavily dependent on Laravel, so you need to know some Laravel.

The framework is still in alpha, so don't expect too much at this point.

What we'll learn

I'm no pro when it comes to NativePHP. In fact, I'm writing these as I'm learning it too. I neither have prior experience with it nor have I watched any tutorials about it. But it is my goal to power through the entire documentation and note down what I'm learning. I wish to help boost the publicity of this exciting new framework.

Some of the features currently described in the docs include:

  • Sending notifications

  • Configuring hotkeys

  • Reading from the clipboard

  • Popping up dialogs

  • Working with application windows

...and so much more!

I think the possibilities are endless, and the fact that I can build all these in PHP is frankly awesome.

Final words

I have a ton of work and this series will be updated in my leisure time. However, you can follow my page for more updates coming soon.